Review of 'Friends in high places' by Andi Marquette.

Review of ‘Friends in high places’ by Andi Marquette.

This is the second, revised edition of this book originally published in 2008. I remember reading it some years ago along with the rest of the Far Seek chronicles series which I enjoyed a lot. This book has undergone a serious overhaul, starting with a new cover (though I like the previous one better) and more chapters. Additionally, a whole section – Games with chance – was erased from this new edition, though the events covered in it are mentioned during the book. It is a pity because I liked that section very much but I understand that it might have not been cohesive with the rest of the book.


Andi Marquette is one of my favourite lesfic authors: you can count on her books to be well written, entertaining and her characters well rounded and likeable. I’m not sure of her reasons behind this new edition of ‘Friends in high places’, but she manages again to submerge the reader in a different, alien world but full of human conflicts and struggles. The slow-burn romance and deep feelings between the main characters is characteristic of Marquette’s books and she excels on it all the time. You’ll find in this book a bit of all: adventure, mystery and romance.

Overall, an entertaining sci-fi read with a slow-burn romance. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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