Review of 'Girls next door' by Sandy Lowe and Stacia Seaman (eds.)

Review of ‘Girls next door’ by Sandy Lowe and Stacia Seaman (eds.)

Short stories are a great way to try new authors or enjoy a short read of your favourite ones. The idea of “the girl next door” as a unifying theme is original for a lesfic compilation and allows a wide range of creative possibilities. Most of these stories can be read in 15-20 minutes so it’s never too long if you don’t enjoy them fully but if you like them, the good feeling stays for much longer. I’ve enjoyed more than half of these stories which was good considering there were nineteen of them. I’m sure everyone will have their own favourite, mine was Hooper Street by Anna Larner. Definitely worth a read.
Overall, 4 stars.
ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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