Review of 'Highland dew' by Barrett Magill.

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Review of ‘Highland dew’ by Barrett Magill.

Bryce Andrews is a sales director at a whisky distribution company that is looking for new craft single malt for the American market. She’s sent along her colleague Reggie Ballard to Scotland in search of an original crafted whisky. By chance she finds a shuttered family distillery that once produced the outstanding single malt ‘Highland dew’. The problem is that the owner is ill and his daughter, Fiona McDougall, isn’t interested in pursuing the family business. Can Bryce help them develop ‘Highland dew’ to its potential and, at the same time, explore her feelings towards Fiona?


This book had so much potential in both the exploration of Scotland and one of its most famous produce, the Scotch. Scotland is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and old towns. Even though the author describes them in a picturesque way, her depictions somehow get lost in the amount of information provided about roads, villages, hotels, etc. The same happens with the description of the different types of whisky, for me, it was an information overload about flavours, tasting and distillery methods. I’m sure that someone interested in the subject will appreciate it but I’m afraid that’s not me.

Additionally, I didn’t care much about the subplot related to Bryce’s colleague Reggie and didn’t find that it justified writing from her point of view. Establishing just the point of view of both main characters might have helped in keeping the focus on the distillery search and the romance. With respect to the romance, I didn’t feel the chemistry between Bryce and Fiona and I think the ‘fade to black’ intimate scenes didn’t help either.

Overall, an ok read if you are interested in whisky. 3 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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