Review of 'Huntress' by A.E. Radley.

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Review of ‘Huntress’ by A.E. Radley.

I read ‘Flight SQA016’ by this author but it didn’t engage me as much as this one. This is a humorous and entertaining read which starts with a very original dedication. It is the story of Amy, a motorway coffee shop worker who sets the wheels in motion for an spectacular hunt after one of her daily customer seems to disappear. In the typical manner of a comedy of errors, Amy takes the reader on a journey of crazy situations with her delightful personality and positive attitude. The author excels at the crafting of the characters, with their distinctive personalities and traits. The dialogues are witty and some situations are absurd that set up the comical aspect of the book. Don’t expect a realistic thriller but a very enjoyable and fun read.


Overall, 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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