Review of 'Illegal contact' by Becky Harmon.

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Review of ‘Illegal contact’ by Becky Harmon.

According to the publisher, this book is categorised as Romance / Action, though there is more of mystery than romance. The story revolves around Jamison Krews, a private security agent, who is assigned to protect college football star player Shea Carter after she received death threats. After a rocky start, they feel a mutual attraction which might get in the way of Shea’s personal safety. Will Jamison be able to protect Shea and, at the same time, act on her feelings?


I’ve got to admit that I know nothing about (American) football. However, this book doesn’t dwell much on this sport so no previous knowledge is needed. Conversely, you’ll be disappointed if you are looking for lengthy descriptions of the game. Additionally, there isn’t much romance either: considering that the story happens in a short timespan, their insta-attraction and insta-love is, in my opinion, hard to experience through the pages. Having said this, my main issue with this book is that the mystery part of the plot seems a bit rushed at the end, there are a lot of things happening, too many secondary characters that are hard to remember which unfortunately confused me. In this case, fewer characters and events might have worked better.

Overall, 3 stars. An ok read if you are interested in mysteries with a touch of romance.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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