Review of 'In development' by Rachel Spangler.

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Review of ‘In development’ by Rachel Spangler.

Cobie Galloway, America’s sweetheart, is tired of playing the straight girl-next-door beauty in teenage movies. She desperately wants to play a badass lesbian action heroine but needs a complete makeover, along with a super famous fake girlfriend. So, who’d be better to play that role than straight pop star Lila Wilder who’s edgy, fiercely independent, bossy but dangerously attractive? Cobie soon finds herself in a moral dilemma: is she prepared to lie her way to get the acting part of her dreams? And what if it’s not so fake after all?


There’s been quite a few lesfic books about fake relationships, sham marriages or ‘fauxmance’ as it’s called in this book. ‘In development’ combines A-list celebrities, a temperamental ice queen and a fake romance all in one package. Even though a part of the plot shows the luxurious life of the rich and famous, this book goes beyond the superficial, dealing with the characters’ search for true happiness and meaningful relationships. Written from both main characters point of view (with the peculiar addition of Cobie and Lila’s agents’ point of views), the author gives the reader full disclosure on their actions though their feelings remain a mystery. At a slow teasing pace, both women start revealing their emotions, contradictions and fears to the reader and to themselves. Their chemistry is perfectly crafted: sizzling, undeniableable and irresistible. The secondary characters play a substantial role in making the story realistic and showcasing different facets of the mains’ personalities. Kudos to Ms. Spangler to raise the issue of conversion therapy which is still allowed in many parts of America.

Overall, a compelling, emotional and engaging story. 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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