Review of 'In the direction of the sun' by Lucy J. Madison

Review of ‘In the direction of the sun’ by Lucy J. Madison

I read ‘Personal foul’ by this author and gave it a 3 star rating due to some editing problems and I have similar issues with this one. To start with, the plot resembles to the melodrama of a TV soap opera. I don’t mind a bit of angst and tension in a romance but this book takes things to an extreme that is hard to believe. I couldn’t connect with the main characters, their chemistry seemed a bit forced and some of their actions felt childish to me. The writing was sometimes too repetitive, the descriptions full of clichés, the pace at some places either too slow or too fast. I think this book might have benefited from a better editing work.
Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy this reading at all. 2 stars.
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