'In the palm' won't leave you stranded.

‘In the palm’ won’t leave you stranded.

Review of ‘In the palm’ by Elna Holst.


This was a good read. I have wanted to read something by Holst for a while. When I saw she had written a lesfic novella about being stranded on a deserted island, I knew chances were good I would enjoy this. I’m not sure what it is but I always enjoy reading books and watching movies about people surviving on an island. I’m glad this held up to my expectations and I was definitely entertained.

The story is about a woman who wakes up on an island in the middle of nowhere. She has no idea how she arrived or even what her name is, but she does know she needs to cut her hand off if she is going to survive. This it, that’s all I’m going to say. Frankly, the beginning immediately captured my attention and I could not put this novella down. And while it is a novella, it feels like a good length. It doesn’t have that rushed feeling; it felt like a full and satisfying story.

There are a few aspects I would normally discuss in my reviews but I feel like if I say anything more I would be spoiling the story. I will say I thought the ending was really interesting, There was a small twist Holst gave us when we finally got some questions answered that I thought was well done. All in all this is well written and an entertaining story.

If you like stranded on a deserted island type stories this novella is for you. I’m glad I finally got to read something by Holst and I would not hesitate to read her stories again.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

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