Review of 'It's not a date' by Heather Blackmore.

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Review of ‘It’s not a date’ by Heather Blackmore.

This book’s title and blurb were a bit misleading for me, I expected a lighter read. ‘It’s not a date’ takes entrepreneur Kade Davenport on a deep soul searching journey looking for self redemption. Kade is a woman of great contradictions: professionally successful, widely recognised in her field, but personally inmature and insecure as a child. In a rare work-free day, Kade meets lovely Jen, a startup entrepreneur with a heart as big as her work ethic. Sparks fly but when they are both back home, eventually Kade finds herself as Jen’s boss. Will Kade be able to help Jen professionally and at the same time let Jen into her life?


The author works in finance for technology startup companies so she knows what she’s writing about. The plot touches the problems of gender inequality in the workplace in addition to the challenges of elderly care, dementia and conflicted relationships. Her characters are multilayered in their virtues and flaws. The main characters’ chemistry is believable and the intimate scenes are well written. Her depiction of Jen’s grandmother, suffering an early stage of dementia is accurate and sometimes heartbreaking. UK readers might get distracted by a secondary character’s name, “Jeremy Corbin” too similar to the current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. I’m not sure if the name choice was intentional.

Overall, a very enjoyable read that touches some difficult issues with tact. 4 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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