Review of 'Jane’s world' by Paige Braddock.

Review of ‘Jane’s world’ by Paige Braddock.

I have to admit that before reading this book, I’ve never heard of the author though now I realise she’s an accomplished comic strip writer. As a matter of fact, the book is a novelisation of a series of comic books with the same name. The publisher cathegorises this book as “general fiction” so do not expect a typical lesbian romance. The book is more of a screwball comedy or a rom-com. Hence, some situations are hilarious but unrealistic which I found very entertaining. However, if you are looking for a stereotipycal lesbian romance you won’t find it here.


I also liked the fact that the book has several illustrations obviously borrowed from the comic strip series though for some people, it might conflict with your own mental images of the characters. The main character, Jane, is an anti-heroine: quirky but at the same time, adorable. The secondary characters are well rounded and are a funny addition to the crazyness of the situations. The book makes fun of some lesbians stereotypes like the butch, the androgynous, the femme, etc.

In my opinion, the book will work for you if you take the unreal and bizarre situations very lightly and if you don’t take anything seriously. That’s what I did and found it very entertaining. 4 stars.

I’ve received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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