Review of 'Letter of the law' by Carsen Taite

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Review of ‘Letter of the law’ by Carsen Taite

Third part of the ‘Lone Star Law’ series by Carsen Taite which, according to the author, is inspired on the old TV soap opera Dallas. I recommend to read it in chronological order as there are loads of details of the plot that otherwise will get lost. The author attempts to do a catch up with the important events of the previous books in the first few chapters with variable success. Consequently, some parts seem too descriptive and don’t flow very well within the plot.
Each part of the series focus on a romance between two members of a self-appointed and underground team committed to fight the Vargas drug cartel. This book describes the romantic involvement between Federal prosecutor Bianca Cruz and Jade Vargas, a horse breeder and niece of the drug cartel boss. Their romance part of the book is fine, the chemistry between the main characters is okay and there are a couple of hot scenes but some circumstances surrounding the investigation are, in my view, a bit unrealistic.
So far I have given all the books in the series a 3 star rating so, overall, it’s not appealing to me. It’s a pity because Ms. Taite is one of my favourite lesbian authors and I still consider her series ‘Luca Bennett bounty hunter’ one of the best in the genre.
3 stars.
ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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