Review of 'Lone ranger' by VK Powell

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Review of ‘Lone ranger’ by VK Powell

I have read most of VK Powell’s books and give them an average 3 stars. While I appreciate the procedural and investigative aspects of her plots crafted thanks to her experience as a retired police officer, I think she lacks the same proficiency in terms of the descriptions of relationships in her books.
In ‘Lone Ranger’, neither the investigation of a cold case murder nor the relationship between Emma, a freelance journalist, and Carter, a Park ranger, worked for me. The investigation on the cold case murder resembled more to an Agatha Christie book or a Cold case TV episode, which just didn’t work for me. Additionally, I didn’t feel the chemistry between the main characters as their romance appeared a bit rushed and forced.
In terms of the secondary characters, some (for example, Ann) seemed to belong more to a Robin Alexander’s book: looney but nice mature women while others, like the exes, seemed too stereotyped and flat.
Overall, an ok read but not VK Powell at her best.
ARC received by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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