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Review of ‘Love at first write’ by Jae.

This is a compilation of four short romances with authors as main characters. In this book Jae shows her versatility in writing very different stories proficiently.


In ‘The romance bet’ journalist Abby James finds romantic novels predictable and easy to write, until romance author Tamara Brennan challenges her to write one. Abby soon finds that the outcome of the bet isn’t as important as she first thought.
With a cute romance as a setting, Jae gives us a masterclass on the technical difficulties ofpp0 the writing process and the absence of a magic formula to create a romance.

In ‘Sex sells’ lesfic mystery writer Mara McKinney is thrown out of her comfort zone by her editor who asks her to add romance and sex in her stories. Soon the exchange goes beyond the writing process into more personal matters.
Jae shows her skills in writing dialogues in this witty and romantic story.

‘The snow liger’ is a sequel of ‘Second nature’ a paranormal romance in which Jorie, a human author, and Griffin, a liger shifter research a love scene for Jorie’s new book.
This story reads ok as a stand alone and, for those who have read the original book, it’s an opportunity to catch up with the main characters.

In ‘Blind date at the Booklover’s Lair’ never a blind date gone wrong feels so right for recluse author Tricia.
Jae plays with the common stereotype of writers as introverts and their difficulties to connect with the real world.

Overall, a well-written variety of short romantic stories. Jae gives us an instrospective view into the writers’ world with intelligence, wit and a healthy dose of self-deprecation. An entertaining read. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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