Review of 'Love at last call' by M. Ullrich.

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Review of ‘Love at last call’ by M. Ullrich.

Lauren Daly is unsatisfied with her life. She’s bullied by her boss, her housemates are irritating and her love life is a mess. Almost every evening she goes to a lesbian bar to escape her reality. Berit Matthews is the owner of a successful lesbian bar and has the reputation of a player. When she meets Lauren she wants to casually date her but Lauren is fed up of players. Slowly they become friends and support each other with their issues but is it friendship their only way forward?


This is a slow-burn romance with the interesting setting of a lesbian bar. Both main characters are created skillfully, Lauren with her low self esteem and Berit with her family and relationship issues. It took me some time to warm to Lauren’s personality but once I realised the reasons behind her dismissive behaviour, it’s easy to like her. Berit, cheerful and sociable, is apparently her opposite but the reader also slowly discovers her fears and conflicts. Together they have great chemistry and Ms. Ullrich makes the most of their flirting and attraction. The lesbian bar is an ideal setting for this romance and the secondary characters have their own voices and stories to tell as well. The intimate scenes are hot and sizzling but the main conflict seemed to me a little forced. However, it’s a great entertaining read with a group of lovable characters.

Overall, a very well written slow-burn romance. Another great book by M. Ullrich. 4 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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