Review of ‘On the fly' by PJ Trebelhorn.

Review of ‘On the fly’ by PJ Trebelhorn.

Lana Caruso is a concert violinist with a Chicago orchestra who’s granted a 6 month leave of absence to take care of her father’s pizzeria in Kingsville, Pennsylvania. When she meets ice hockey player and gold-medal-winning Olympian Courtney Abbott they both feel an undeniable chemistry, but they both know that Lana’s stay is only temporary and nothing serious will come from it. or will it?


This is a slow-burn romance with some scenes of ice hockey on the side. While Courtney and Lana’s attraction is settled early in the story, the resolution of their conflict stretches until near the end. There aren’t any major twists in the plot and the reader knows from early on where the story is heading. The hockey scenes happen mostly in training sessions in Courtney’s team and they lack the fast-paced flow typical of the game which is a lost opportunity. Additionally, the ice hockey subplot is resolved too easily for my liking.

The main characters are well written and their chemistry is strong. As a former musician myself, I have a credibility issue with Lana’s music career as it is mentioned only in passing. The plot doesn’t show properly how crucial is her career that merits sacrificing her love life. The secondary characters are a bit stereotyped, specially Hilton, and Eric, Lana’s son, seems too mature for a 16 year old but he’s a sweetie. Despite all these, ‘On the fly’ is an entertaining read more for romance than sports fans.

Overall, a good slow-burn romance with a bit of sports at the side. 3.5 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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