Review of 'One way or another' by A.L. Brooks.

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Review of ‘One way or another’ by A.L. Brooks.

This is book four in the ‘Window Shopping Collection’ series penned by different authors under the common romantic theme of two characters meeting while shopping. In this book, corporate lawyer Sarah Connolly meets primary school teacher Bethany Keane while they are browsing a sex shop. Sarah is a womaniser who keeps her sexual liaisons casual while Bethany is looking for a serious relationship. They are attracted to each other but they couldn’t be more different. Will they find a common ground?


This is a slow burn romance with a surprising side (not described in the blurb) of very light BDSM. Both main characters are very different from each other and the author does a good job in presenting them with all their layers and traits. Eventually the reader discovers the reasons for their actions which aren’t contrived or forced into the story.

The characters’ chemistry is good though, in my opinion, the indecisions in their relationship didn’t act as a build up but rather as a cool down. That’s where my rating of this book drops. However, once the intimate scenes unfold (quite late in the book), they are well done and have an interesting twist. Kudos to the author to raise the issue of safe sex that is normally avoided in lesbian romance or erotica but I’m not sure if it works well every time.

The secondary characters are well rounded and help define the main characters stories better, specially Sarah’s friend Jonathan and Bethany’s mother. The setting of London as the background of the plot is a secondary character in itself and makes the story more realistic and authentic.

Overall, a sweet slow-burn romance with a side of light BDSM. 3.5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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