Review of 'Pathogen' by Jessica L. Webb

Review of ‘Pathogen’ by Jessica L. Webb

This is Jessica L. Webb’s second book in the Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery series following this author’s debut novel ‘Trigger’. I highly recommend that you read them in order otherwise you might miss a few things that will clue you into the conflicts of the main characters.
This novel follows up with the budding romance between Dr. Kate Morrison, an ER director in Vancouver, and Andy Wyles, an RCMP sergeant  As in the previous book, a medical emergency is caused by criminal behaviour and the main characters are instructed to find the treatment against a man-made virus and the criminal behind the attack. As with the previous book, the plot takes several twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing. However, the story goes beyond the medical mystery and unravels the struggle of both characters to cope with their personal conflicts. The secondary characters support the plot to make it credible and realistic. A fantastic example of character development is forensic specialist Dr. Mona Kellar who is so skillfully portrayed that she really gave me the creeps.
I drop half a star due to two issues. One is the  repetition of Andy’s “grey eyes” to describe her. I don’t mind a bit of reiteration but 30 times is a bit annoying. The other issue is that in some parts the virology explanations got too technical and extensive for people like me who know nothing about it.
Overall, a highly recommended read if you are into medical mysteries with a bit of romance. I will definitely read this author’s next book as she is in her way of becoming a favourite of mine.
4.5 stars.
ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley.

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