Review of 'Rock and a hard place' by Andrea Bramhall.

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Review of ‘Rock and a hard place’ by Andrea Bramhall.

This is a slow burn romance with some mountain climbing action on the background. I thought it was going to be the opposite so I was a bit disappointed about it, but this is just related to my expectations. Ms. Bramhall is one of my favourite lesfic authors (see here for my top ten) and this is an enjoyable read but I personally think that she excels at writing mysteries. I recommend to read ‘Collide-O-Scope’, book 1 of her ‘Norfolk Coast Investigation Story’ series and continue with ‘Under Parr’ which is on my list of best lesfic books of 2017


‘Rock and a hard place’ is the story of mountain climber Jayden Harris and marketing executive Rhian Phillips who meet while filming a reality show in Patagonia. Jayden is recovering from a traumatic experience while climbing Mount Everest which made her quit the sport altogether. She’s not happy when circumstances force her to a comeback. Will she be able to overcome her initial antagonism with Rhian to work together as a team and, moreover, find love in the process?

As a native Argentine I was very excited to see that this book is set in the area surrounding Mount Fitz Roy, in the Patagonia.
I found Ms. Bramhall’s descriptions of the landscape and Argentine typical food very authentic. I was surprised to learn that the author has never visited the area. The action scenes are fast paced and full of tension but I wish there were more. The main characters’ chemistry is sizzling and their source of conflict a bit frustrating at times. However, Ms. Bramhall manages to keep the reader turning pages and enjoying the story.

Overall, an enjoyable romance with a bit of action on the background. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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