A cozy and domestic low-angst romance

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Sing for my baby by Jen Matthews

A cozy and domestic low-angst romance

Review of Sing For My Baby by Jen Matthews

Sing For My Baby by Jen Matthews is a slow-burn, low-angst romance starring two very different women who have a clear view on life’s priorities, and falling in love is not on the list. Far from it. But as we all know, life likes to throw us a curveball from time to time.


Primary school teacher Rosie Tanner’s biological clock is ticking and she feels it’s now or never to get this whole baby thing on the road. Having no partner she wants to go the solo route and has everything planned out. As this is her second try (the first pregnancy ended in a traumatic stillbirth), Rosie feels she has to keep it a secret as long as she can so as not to jinx it.

Admin assistant Amber Kingsley is focused to keep sober and happy and avoid anything that can put her sobriety to the test including messy relationships. When she accidentally joins a community choir despite having any musical talent or experience it is all because she couldn’t resist the beautiful star soloist Rosie.

Even when a romance is seen as ill-timed by both women, they can’t help but grow closer. The only bump in the road is the big secret they keep from each other. Amber doesn’t know Rosie is going to be a mom and Rosie doesn’t know Amber is a recovering alcoholic. The longer they wait the bigger the blow-up will be.

Like Susan X. Meagher’s All That Matters and Jenny Frame’s Unexpected the main theme is Rosie’s pregnancy and we will be there every step of the way from turkey baster to the delivery room. If you are a fan of that you will be in for a treat, but I felt it put the romance firmly in second place. Rosie was very single-minded in doing everything by herself and that put poor Amber on a second track for most of the book. It felt somewhat awkward between them. The slow pace, fairly angst-free plot makes it a cozy, domestic affair. Having read her debut book where this was also the case I guess that’s the author’s preferred style.

f/f slow burn

Themes: Britain, keeping secrets, pregnant single mom, choir practice, alcoholic past, depression, cut out of the family, lavender massage oil, I feel like I have successfully delivered another baby!

3.8 Stars

* A free copy was provided by Ylva Publishing for an honest review.

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