Review of 'Sins of Our Fathers' by A. Rose Mathieu

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Review of ‘Sins of Our Fathers’ by A. Rose Mathieu

This is the debut novel by this author who has delivered a page-turner packed of twists and turns with an unexpected ending. If you are interested in the romance aspect, unfortunately, there isn’t much of it. Moreover, the main characters don’t share much time in the plot together. However, I think the author is going to write a sequel as there is a lot of potential for their relationship and there is also a cliffhanger left at the very end of the book that will leave you wanting to know more.
A great accomplishment of this story is the characters’ development, not only the main but also the secondary ones that are multilayered, have very distinctive personalities and add a realistic feel to the plot.
Warning for susceptible readers: this book contains descriptions of gruesome murders and events, however, I didn’t find them disturbing enough to stop me from reading and I’m normally quite sensitive. Additionally, the author adds a great deal of humour, banter and wry comments that compensate for the gruesome parts.
Overall, very good fast paced thriller. Can’t wait for a sequel. 4 stars.
ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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