Review of 'The boss of her' by Julie Cannon, Aurora Rey & M. Ullrich.

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Review of ‘The boss of her’ by Julie Cannon, Aurora Rey & M. Ullrich.

This is a compilation of three novellas under the common theme of boss/employee romantic liaisons by three seasoned Bold Strokes Books authors.


In ‘Lead counsel’ by Aurora Rey, Attorney Elisa Gonzalez finds herself having to work a major case alongside her former law school crush and now hotshot litigator Parker Jones who has possibly forgotten all about their quick tryst in college. Or has she?

‘For your eyes only’ by Julie Cannon. CFO Riley Stephenson’s all work no play life is turned upside down by a gorgeous stripper who eventually ends up as her new employee.

‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ by M. Ullrich. VP Stephanie Austin likes to work solo but when her boss assigns her an assistant she finds out that maybe there’s something to be said about working as a team as Luca Gardner is efficient, hardworking and incredibly beautiful.

Unlike other compilations where the quality of the works varies, in this book all the novellas are at the same level of writing standards. However, there are some issues like, for example, in ‘For your eyes only’ the end is a bit abrupt, ‘Lead counsel’ introduces too many secondary characters that are hard to follow, and ‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ drags the conflict between the main characters a bit unrealistically. Additionally, I think that in all three novellas, the powerplay and sexual tension between boss/employee isn’t maximised to its full potential like in, for example, ‘I remember’ by Julie Cannon or ‘Too close to touch’ by Georgia Beers which are very good lesfic books of corporate romance. Having said that, this is an enjoyable compilation for those readers who enjoy this type of romance.

Overall, an entertaining and enjoyable read despite some minor issues. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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