Review of 'Where there's a will' by Virginia Hale.

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Review of ‘Where there’s a will’ by Virginia Hale.

Dr. Elizabeth Hordern is the co-inheritor of The Blaxland Homestead, a murder house in Australia converted into a tourist attraction. Deep in debt thanks to a former girlfriend, she’s eager to sell the property. However, she wasn’t expecting her co-inheritor’s resistance to sell.
Life has thrown a few curve balls to Dylan O’Connor but now she is happy with her job as a tour guide at The Blaxland Homestead. Selling isn’t an option for her but being attracted to Elizabeth wasn’t in her plans either. Will they be able to agree on the house’s future and their own?


This is the second book by Australian author Virginia Hale which I was expecting anxiously as I absolutely loved her debut novel ‘Echo Point’, on my list of best lesfic books of 2017. ‘Where there’s a will’ is both different and similar to its predecessor. Sometimes the plot seems lighter and more humorous, others is heavy and profound, but with the same compelling characters and vivid scenes that were present in her debut novel.

Written in third person from the point of view of both main characters, the reader has a prime seat to both leads’ strengths and failures. Their chemistry builds up slowly but surely and when it gets to the sizzling point is a delight to read. This author manages the characters’ feelings perfectly, the reader couldn’t get any closer to them. Ms. Hale has the ability to pull off an incredible hot scene and, in a couple of paragraphs, throw a proverbial bucket of cold water on the reader. Their emotional journey is realistic and moving.

However, I feel that Ms. Hale couldn’t keep that magnificent level all the time. There are moments when the story seems to go flat and lose its vibrancy or the timeline appears to jump a bit. In my opinion, the mystery subplot could have benefited from a better closure. Also, be prepared to find a few obscure Australian terms and local cultural references. Having said that, the novel was very enjoyable and emotional to read.

Overall, an entertaining romance with some brilliant compelling scenes. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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