Review of 'Wild shores' by Radclyffe.

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Review of ‘Wild shores’ by Radclyffe.

I have read most of Radclyffe books and, despite I like some more than others, I know that they are going to be well written and edited. This is not a minor thing as spelling or grammar mistakes tend to take me out of the story. So in that respect, this book is carefully written. With respect of the story itself, it has all the ingredients that normally Radclyffe adds in her books: multidimensional characters, well developed plot and interesting background information. What I particularly liked about this book is that the characters are likeable and their chemistry works within a plausible story. The secondary characters are well rounded and add more interest to the story. My gut feeling is that Radclyffe might develop some of them further in another book of the series. In short, if you have read other Radclyffe books, this one won’t disappoint and if you haven’t and are interested in lesbian romances with some substance, then this is a good starting point.


Overall, 4 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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