Royal Exposé by Jenny Frame, narrated by Amy Putt

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Royal Exposé by Jenny Frame

Royal Exposé by Jenny Frame, narrated by Amy Putt

A royal romance with a bit of intrigue

This is my first book by this author but won’t be my last. It’s always good to see good British writers among a sea of Americans and a royal story seems a specialty by Ms. Frame.


Undercover reporter Casey James is tasked with a Royal Exposé on the court of Denbourg and her way in is the queen’s sister-in-law Poppy King. As both women get to know each other, it’s hard for them not to fall in love. Will they be able to build a long-lasting relationship if it’s based on lies?

This is book one of the Royal Generations series by this author but not the first of Jenny Frame’s books about royals as this seems to be a favourite trope of hers. As a matter of fact, two very important secondary characters Queen Rozala and Queen consort Lennox were the mains in Royal Rebel (book 2 of the Royal Romance series). You don’t need to read that book in order to enjoy Royal Exposé as all the important background story is told in this one.

Even though Royal Exposé is mainly a romance, it has a bit of intrigue and action thrown into the mix which was good to read about but not enough to call it a thriller. Regarding the romance, it’s a butch/femme relationship, typical of this author. The chemistry between them is built slowly but reaches a good sexual tension and Ms. Frame does not disappoint in delivering intimate scenes.

Amy Putt narrates the audiobook version and her British accent is a perfect fit for the story. She also performs the different range of emotions in the book convincingly. Unfortunately, there are some technical issues with the audio (some repetition of words which sounded like an error in editing the recording) but overall it wasn’t a big deal. 4 stars.

Length: 7 hours, 11 minutes

Royal Exposé by Jenny FrameRoyal Exposé by Jenny Frame

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