Rusty Logic by Robin Alexander, narrated by Lori Prince

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Rusty Logic by Robin Alexander

Rusty Logic by Robin Alexander, narrated by Lori Prince

An entertaining, funny and romantic story with a mini-mystery on the side

Robin Alexander is the author of more than thirty Sapphic novels, which are gradually being released on audio, mostly narrated by Lori Prince. Rusty Logic was originally published in 2015.


Rusty Martínez is a workaholic in need of rest and relaxation. When her friend and business partner sends her to Ancelet Bay, Louisiana, she finds that the small town has strange characters, a Peeping Tom and a very hot police chief.

When you start a book by Robin Alexander you know what you are going to find: quirky characters, sweet romances and hilarious situations. Her settings are also typical, normally from her home state of Louisiana. Ms. Alexander is one of those authors who has a distinctive style and who always delivers in terms of entertainment. Rusty Logic is no exception.

Having said that, I was surprised that, in addition to the typical elements mentioned above, this story has also a mini-mystery involving a Peeping Tom. There is no mention of the mystery in the book blurb so it was a nice surprise. It is very well written and it fits organically with the rest of the story.

The romance is equal parts sweet and hot, the mains are likable and have great chemistry together. But beyond their relationship, both Rusty and Kirsten have a personal journey to take. They both need to stand on their own two feet, reshape their relationship with their parents and trust in their own self-worth.

The audiobook version is narrated by Lori Prince who is a perfect match for Robin Alexander’s books. Her comedic timing is unparalleled in the Sapphic genre and once again she delivers a fantastic performance. If you are looking for an entertaining, funny and romantic story with a mini-mystery on the side, this one is for you. 4.5 stars.

Length: 7 hours, 40 minutes

Available in Scribd

Rusty Logic by Robin AlexanderRusty Logic by Robin Alexander


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