Save the date is all about love

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Save the Date: a Romantic Anthology by Ann Roberts

Save the date is all about love

Review of Save the Date: a Romantic Anthology by Ann Roberts (editor)

This is a compilation of short stories by Bella Books authors under the common theme of weddings.


In New to Love by Jaime Clevenger, a maid of honor finds love with a seamstress who saves the day when the bride had a dress emergency.

The Wedding Party by Kay Acker. An established couple who cannot get married without losing social security benefits, decide to have a series of non-wedding parties to celebrate their commitment to each other.

In Trouble in Mind by Louise McBain, Tate meets her fiancée’s family a few days before the wedding and the north/south, big city/small town differences are more than apparent. Especially when dealing with some family members…

Out with the Old by Tagan Shepard. A wedding guest who shouldn’t have accepted the invitation finds comfort, and the possibility of more, in the maid of honor.

Queen for a Day by Celeste Castro. When Monica wins a trip to London to visit the Historic Royal Places’ hologram exhibition about the Secret wedding between King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, she meets a gorgeous catering employee.

The Magic of the Coin by Dillon Watson. Aaliyah finds her soulmate in a random encounter with a stranger on the train, a few days before she’s supposed to get married to someone else.

Inn Trouble by Cade Haddock Strong. Casey is the hostess of a wedding party where the bride asks her something Casey cannot refuse: to help her run away from her own wedding.

Liberty by Kate Gavin, the maid of honor gets a huge surprise on her best friend’s wedding day.

Grounds for Panic by M.B. Guel. While searching for a coffee caterer for her best friend’s wedding party, the maid of honor finds a barista job she didn’t want and a possible love interest instead.

Send Out the Clowns by Jessie Chandler. A very peculiar wedding party and a big surprise.

Something (Really) Old by E. J. Noyes. Reaping the Benefits sequel featuring Morgan and Jane’s wedding in which Death herself brings something (really) old.

As with any compilation of short stories, readers normally get a mixed bag. I admit that my favourite part was the introduction by Tagan Shepard who summarised very well the struggles of the queer community to earn their right to marry. This anthology covers many different wedding ceremonies and parties but shows that it’s all about love.

My favourites were Trouble in Mind by Louise McBain, Liberty by Kate Gavin, Grounds for Panic by M.B. Guel and Something (Really) Old by E. J. Noyes.

The stories are very diverse and some are very original. Some are fun, others serious, others hot. If you like romance and weddings, there’s probably going to be one or more stories that you are going to enjoy. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Save the Date a Romantic Anthology by Ann Roberts

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