Song of Serenity by Brey Willows
Song of Serenity by Brey Willows

Song of Serenity by Brey Willows

All in all, a very good book

I know zero about Greek mythology. Never interested me but when I heard this author was releasing a new book, that news did get my attention. Song of Serenity is book 1 of a new series that is tied to a previous one, Afterlife, which sets up a world where gods now live on Earth with humans. I read Song… as a stand-alone and understood the premise right away but I am curious about the other books now.


One of the Muses, Calliope, works in the mundane and takes an occasional vacation in Scotland. All is well until a human named Jordan decides she wants to build an eco-adventure park adjacent to Calliope’s peaceful sanctuary and temple. Who wants all that traffic, pollution, and crowds in their quiet refuge?

Jordan and Calliope are solid, well-done characters who are hot separately and together. I’m not sure that they work as a long-term couple but they’re devoted friends who have scorching times in bed. Part of the story involves a road trip and includes fanciful surprises that make it all very special and feel new. The secondary characters add energy and humor to the background story that might have gotten too sharp. Two people on opposite sides of a dispute can get ugly fast but the skill in the writing turns it instead into a dilemma of the heart where both people care about each other but are also determined to stay true to their beliefs.

All in all, a very good book. 4.5 stars rounded up.

Received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Song of Serenity by Brey Willows

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