'Liquid Courage' is a spicy lesbian audiobook

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spicy lesbian audiobook

‘Liquid Courage’ is a spicy lesbian audiobook

Review of ‘Liquid Courage’ by Hildred Billings,

Audiobook narrated by Victoria Mei

Hildred Billings is a well established and prolific author but somehow she’s been out of my radar until now. My friend Corrie suggested this audiobook as it’s narrated by Victoria Mei which adds a great value. I’m glad I gave it a try as this was an entertaining and spicy lesbian audiobook.


Vivian is back to the dating pool after recovering from a serious illness. When her first date Shari dumps her and destroys her self-confidence, bartender Kat, who witnessed it all, comes to her rescue trying to cheer her up. What comes after that is an unlikely bond that could develop into something more…

This is a short but hot and entertaining book. The story caught my attention from the start. Ms. Billings character building is very good, both characters are fleshed out with authenticity and are very easy to empathise with. One of my favourite parts of this book are the dialogues as the author builds the leads’ relationship through their very natural sounding, sometimes trivial, sometimes profound, conversations at the bar. This story is a clear example of opposites-attract characters and how they complement each other.

Victoria Mei is the pseudonym of Asian American actress Natalie Naudus. She has recorded a few lesbian audiobooks but this is the first time I’ve listened to her narration. I really liked her different voices and her heartfelt performance. The overall tone of the book is light with some spicy scenes which Ms. Mei nailed perfectly. I’m definitely going to listen to her narrations in the future.

Overall, a well written, entertaining and spicy audiobook. 4 stars.

Duration: 3 hrs and 33 mins

spicy lesbian audiobookspicy lesbian audiobook

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