This is a well-done age-gap, sports lesbian romance

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sports lesbian romance

This is a well-done age-gap, sports lesbian romance

Review of ‘Game Changers’ by Jane Cuthbertson

A really good read! I had actually tried to read this a couple of months ago. It was just not working for me and I was not in the best headspace for reading certain types of books back in March. I put this down with the hope to pick it back up when I would enjoy it more. Now that I’m really back into the reading groove, plus missing sports like crazy, I thought now was the perfect time to try this book again. I’m very happy I picked it back up because it was my kind of read.


I’m a huge sports fan and that has been something that I have really missed since the virus hit. I deal with anxiety so I love watching baseball or a women’s soccer game since it just gets my mind off of everything else that might be buzzing around in my head. Not being able to have that escape with sports has been really tough especially with all the stress and anxiety the virus just in itself brings. Therefore, to get to read a book from an author that is clearly a fan of the NWSL and the National women’s soccer team was a real joy. This is a well-done age-gap, sports lesbian romance that you can almost stick the drama tag on too. There was enough soccer for me to put a smile on my face, but enough romance and drama that non-sports fans should still enjoy this plenty too.

I mentioned an age-gap and it is a pretty big one at twenty years but I didn’t mind it at all. The characters have a ton of chemistry together and you just feel like they are meant to be. My one issue is that I did feel while not insta-love but that it was pretty fast. I wish Cuthbertson would have slowed things down some. But when you get into the rest of the story, with everything still to come, I get why it was quick so in the end it wasn’t that big of a deal, but just faster than I like.

While the romance is really sweet and pretty steamy at times, and the soccer scenes were a lot of fun, this book also deals with some tough subjects. One of the mains suffers from bad depression so I need to give a slight trigger warning for talk of suicide. This book felt like a drama at times and I sure needed a tissue or two. The book felt very realistic and the depression wasn’t used as a gimmick or just swept under the rug which I appreciate. And while there were some tough moments in this book, there were lots of happy, sweet and even sexy times so that the book had a really nice balance. You feel so connected to the main character so you feel like you are experiencing all the ups and downs with her. This book was really well written that way.

This was a great read. I’m so glad I finally got back to giving this book another try. For people who like a sweet romance, some drama, and a little football (soccer), I highly recommend this. This book has flown under the radar a bit and that’s a shame since it’s really worth the read.

A copy was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

sports lesbian romancesports lesbian romance

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