An enjoyable sports second-chance lesbian romance

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sports second-chance lesbian romance

An enjoyable sports second-chance lesbian romance

Review of ‘All the Paths to You’ by Morgan Lee Miller

I really enjoyed this. This book had a lot of feel-good moments and I still have a big smile on my face. This was a good book to read now in the crazy time we are living. This is actually the sequel to ‘All the Worlds Between Us’. That first book was Miller’s debut but now this being her third book, I noticed a good amount of growth in her writing. While I thought book one was a solid debut, this book felt stronger. This is a sequel, and you would get the most out of reading book one first, but you don’t have too. Miller mentioned enough of the backstory so you could still enjoy this book reading it on its own. Book one was a YA book where this book is about the main character in her early to mid-twenties.


This is actually a sports second-chance lesbian romance. The main character Quinn is a swimmer ready to compete in the Olympics. She is in the best shape of her life, her swimming prime and this should be her staring Olympics. But what happens when she gets a call from her ex and first love Kennedy, only a week before she’s leaving to compete? Is there a chance for them to be together again or is professional swimming too much of a commitment to have a serious relationship?

I’m one of those rabid Olympic fans. I have even taken vacation time off of work scheduled around the Olympics so I could view as much as possible before. I’m so completely bummed that there are no Olympics this year because of Covid. And I feel so bad for all the athletes who have worked so hard for the last four years. While this book doesn’t take the place of the missing games, it was really nice to read about them. And while this is a sports romance, it was more romance than sports. If you are not a sports fan don’t let that push you off of this. It is just enough sports so that it was exciting. This is more a story about Quinn’s life.

While this is mostly a feel-good book, it did take some serious turns. One of the characters is dealing with pretty severe anxiety and depression. I thought it was done well and important to the storyline. I didn’t expect it since we sometimes think of athletes as being almost superhuman so I thought it was important to show, as a reminder, that it happens to someone who seems to have it all.

The romance was really cute. Quinn is super sweet and it was enjoyable seeing her love for Kennedy grow stronger. The ending was a little sappy, but I didn’t care because it put such a goofy grin on my face. It was totally romantic and a little over the top but it melted me into a pile of mush.

This book had a good mix of storylines coming together. It had some exciting Olympic scenes, some sweet and also passionate romance, some drama and conflict, and also some sappiness to tie it all together. This was the feel-good and even a little inspirational book that I needed right now. If you enjoyed book one I think the chances are very high you will like this even more. If you are new to the series and like second chance romances that will put a smile on your face, this book is for you.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

sports second-chance lesbian romancesports second-chance lesbian romance

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