This is a different and super addictive series
Stitches and Sepsis by Liz Faraim

This is a different and super addictive series

Review of Stitches and Sepsis by Liz Faraim

This series is so hard to explain. At times I didn’t even know if I liked the book but it was like a car wreck; I couldn’t stop looking at (reading) it. I ended up staying up until 3 am because I could not stop reading. While book one was well written (especially for a debut) this book felt even better. Some of the issues I had from the first book were gone and the pace of the book felt really good to me. It’s the kind of book you get so sucked into that you are shocked to realize that you turned the last page.


This is a series and it starts right where book one, Canopy, ends. I would suggest reading the books in order. This way you would understand the main character’s background, friends, and lovers. I guess you could start here if you had to. You might wonder about certain things, but this book will easily suck you into the story even amidst certain confusion.

While the main character had a girlfriend in book one, I didn’t feel like it was a romance. However, this book I can label a romance. There is lots of drama and action, but this definitely had some romantic moments too. The relationship in this book is WLW poly. I wasn’t big on how the poly went in book one. I felt like it was more one character wanting to date others, while the other partner just had to deal with it. Luckily, in this book, it felt more like a consensual poly relationship. I still do not like Ang, at all, but I was very happy with a new character.

I think I would call this book a drama first. It’s hard to categorize it because it deals with tough subjects like PTSD and abuse, but the book doesn’t feel so “drama” heavy if that makes any sense. Even the action parts of this book were pretty violent, but still, I didn’t feel depressed while reading it. The main character is a bit of a badass, and a bit morally grey, and you just can’t help but root for her.

This series is different, which I always like, and super addictive. It almost feels soap opera-ish, with all the drama, but then there is a lot of fighting action too. It really is one of those series that I just don’t think you can truly know if it’s for you unless you read it. I want a book three, and I will read a book three, so I guess this hard to quantify series really does work for me. 3.75 Stars.

A copy was given to me for a review.

Stitches and Sepsis by Liz Faraim

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