I would recommend this to zombie fans

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Survivors by Amy Marsden

I would recommend this to zombie fans

Review of Survivors by Amy Marsden

Zombies! I love zombies and to get two new zombies books out at the same time, well that’s like Christmas coming early for me, or I guess I should say Halloween.


When I saw this book on Netgalley, I was really excited since it was zombies, plus I knew it was supposed to have a sapphic character. I also recognized the author’s name since Marsden has been on Goodreads for a couple years. While I didn’t know her besides a comment here or there on either of our book reviews, but I always get excited when a Goodreads member takes the big step of actually becoming an author.

I thought that this was well written for a debut. It had its bumps, but considering it had three main POV’s, with a pretty large cast of secondary characters, I could easily see the talent and lots of potential in Marsden’s writing.

This is the first book in a duology and I’m glad for that. There is so much going on, lots of action, that I’m looking forward to getting more into the meat of things. There is a potential WLW romance that is only in crush form right now, but I have hopes of where this relationship could go. I also loved the character of Victoria. She’s a total badass, with a great backstory, and I just want lots more of her.

In the end, I would recommend this to zombie fans. It was high-action, zombie fun. It does have some newbie bumps, but I thought it was a solid debut and I’m excited to read the next book. 3.75 Stars.

Survivors by Amy Marsden

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