Table for Two by Kate Gavin, narrated by Anastasia Watley
Table for Two by Kate Gavin

Table for Two by Kate Gavin, narrated by Anastasia Watley

A very sweet opposites-attract romance

Table for Two by Kate Gavin is a very sweet opposites-attract romance. I was drawn to it because my favorite ray of sunshine Anastasia Watley did the narration and I never pass up a chance to listen to her voice.


The romance is fairly uncomplicated with the traditional angsty break-up at the 80% mark. There is a dying father and grief to work through for one character, and a workaholic ice queen with an overbearing mother on the other side. Both get together by chance and it is mutual dislike at first sight. Or is it? When they are thrown together for a second time, they have to make the best of it.

She’s the only person who wanted to know me, the real me.

Personally, I didn’t think Jill was a hardcore ice queen, more the product of a loveless upbringing. But after her faux-pass with Reagan, she has her ‘Come to Jesus’ moment and a very satisfying road to redemption. Their next Christmas will be a happy one.

I hadn’t read Kate Gavin before but she can certainly hold her own in the wlw romance category. No real surprises with this one but a pleasant experience for all you romance gals.

I listened to it on Scribd

f/f explicit

Themes: catering for a rich bitch, a loveless upbringing, a dying father, volunteering at the shelter, she sees me.

4.2 Stars

Table for Two by Kate Gavin


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