Tapping into Love by Monica Mccallan, narrated by Lori Prince
Tapping into Love by Monica Mccallan

Tapping into Love by Monica Mccallan, narrated by Lori Prince

A sweet romance that will give you all the feels

Tantor Audio is releasing all the back catalogue of Monica Mccallan narrated by Lori Prince and I have to repeat myself but the author/narrator combination is a perfect match. I hadn’t read this book before and didn’t know what to expect, but I absolutely loved it.


Lucy Parsons runs a bed and breakfast in Maple Run. This little town in Maine has a history of conflict with the Westmoores, maple syrup producers. When Sierra Westmoore’s father passes away, she and her brother are determined to improve the town’s opinion of her family. But Lucy doesn’t trust the Westmoores, even less the infuriating gorgeous Sierra…

This is an enemies-to-lovers romance set in a small town famous for its maple syrup production. The enemies-to-lovers trope is a bit tricky to do well as it has to be believable that the main characters hate their guts first and then fall in love. Tapping into Love is a short-ish story (191 pages, over 5.5 hours of audio) but Ms. Mccallan pulls the romance off without any issues and builds sizzling chemistry between the mains.

I admit that Lucy was hard to like at the beginning as she was outright rude to Sierra, who took the verbal punches like a lady. Lucy’s confrontational attitude is understandable in the context of the story, though hard to justify. But slowly the author writes some cracks into the walls she builds around Sierra and thanks to the lighter tone of Lori Prince’s performance, she ends up being a likable character. Her best friend Hannah (a great secondary character) also helps to chip her defenses and open up to new possibilities.

From that moment on, the romance starts picking up pace and the story gets more engaging. Ms. Mccallan writes great sex scenes, each reflecting the different stages of Lucy and Sierra’s relationship. Lori Prince performed them all like the pro she is.

The setting of the book is beautifully described and got me ready to welcome Autumn to this part of the world. It got me curious to learn a bit more about the maple syrup extraction process as it seems very interesting from the descriptions.

If you are looking for a sweet, low-angst enemies-to-lovers romance with a beautiful autumn setting, this one is for you. 5 stars.

Length: 5 hours, 37 minutes

Available in Scribd

Tapping into Love by Monica MccallanTapping into Love by Monica Mccallan


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