The AM Show T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

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The AM Show T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

The AM Show T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

A funny, age-gap and celebrity story

T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod are a cool team, I love their entertaining stories with lovable, imperfect but humorous characters that you just have to like. They always give me a happy feeling and make me smile and laugh.


Amanda Morgan has been the face of New York’s The AM Show for many years, the morning TV show that presents serious news to viewers in an entertaining way. Her goal is to eventually, if she had her way, now, take over the evening news show that she has been promised for years. But the patriarchal patterns of the old boys’ club on the carpet floor had successfully ignored her until now. And if the rumors are true, she might be dumped from the show altogether. But Amanda vows not to leave the field without a fight and with some unexpected help, they show what women’s power means.

Dakota is also in the morning TV show business, but far from New York as the face of the Cock-a-doodle Rooster Report, sort of a country AM show cousin. Her biggest and only idol is Amanda Morgan.

Amanda spends a hot night with Dakota, not knowing that Dakota is in the same business as her and knows exactly who Amanda is. After she finds out, she feels betrayed and swears revenge, living up to her reputation as the Dragon Lady. But the news universe has other ideas, fate and tragedy take the wheel in hand and bring the two women together – it takes good navigation skills to not come to a fatal collision.

What I love most about these authors’ stories are the characters. They are wonderfully imperfect. They are always very well defined and have a convincing background that you learn bit by bit. For example, Amanda is always the perfect host of the Morning Show, who also helps her show partner cover his age-related mistakes. But in her private life, she has to fight with her shortcomings and doubts, which nobody suspects. Dakota has her quirks and flaws too, she trips herself up from time to time and is sometimes adorable speechless when she has to work with Amanda. She also has a tendency to keep putting her foot in her mouth.

The chemistry between the two was undeniable and the inner monologues they had for or against a relationship were heartwarming and also hilarious. The story has a good flow and as always when the two authors work together, there is a lot of humor. A little mystery, conflict, and jealousy among work colleagues bring tension to the story. And sometimes you get help from an unexpected side, and the strength of women and their abilities are all you need to achieve the goal.

One of my favorite phrases was: «The roaches were so big I would’ve made them pay rent, but I was afraid they’d gang up on me and take me down»

A funny, age-gap, and celebrity story where women can escape reality for a few hours.
My rating 4.5 stars

Thanks to the authors for providing an ARC for an honest review.

The AM Show T.B. Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

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