A lesbian Love Project

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The Love Project by TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

A lesbian Love Project

Review of The Love Project by TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

I love it when TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod team up and create a book together.


This is the slow-burn love story of Joni and Hope, and I do mean slow-burn. It took me a moment to really get into the story, but it was worth it. The authors created two wonderful MCs. Joni Fisher is desperately trying to save the advice column ‘Help Me Henrietta’ that her mother started years ago and needs a bright idea. She finds it in ‘The Love Project”, a web series where she wants to help one person find the right partner. Can she achieve the turnaround?

Hope Alvarez is the chosen one for the project, she has never come close to finding love. She wonders if she is somehow broken or missing the love gene. She has never felt physical attraction, it is as if her body speaks a completely different language than the rest of the world. She has absolutely no idea when it comes to love, attraction, and flirting, it goes so far that she doesn’t even notice when someone flirts with her. She is hopeless.

I fell in love with both MCs from the start. Joni sacrifices herself to save her mother’s once successful column and at the same time tries to hide from her mother how bad the situation is with the column. As she and Hope get to know each other better, she turns out to be an understanding and supportive friend. But when stronger feelings come into play, some little devil makes an appearance and she nearly sabotages the success of her web series.

Hope is just wonderful in all her cluelessness and honesty, and I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her everything would be okay. She brings a lot of situational comedy to the story and more than once I had to laugh out loud, though at the same time I wanted to comfort her when she was embarrassed. The longer the project goes, the more Hope learns about herself and we witness the whole development that she goes through. No wonder Joni falls in love with her, she wasn’t the only one.

What I liked most about this story was, firstly, the people who play a part in the story, not just the two MCs, Joni’s amazing friend Kim and both leads’ families. Hope’s family is hilarious and caring. Joni’s parents also have a special bond, but it took Hope for Joni to see what a strong and loving bond the two of them have, even if they skirmish a lot. The humor is once again a supporting element of the story. I loved how they made light of the speed dating and the dance was humorous without ridiculing the clumsy nature of Hope.

These two authors have a great way of incorporating characters who don’t quite fit the norm into their stories. Thank you

A slow-burn romance that will also make you laugh

My rating 4.5 stars
Thanks to the authors for receiving an ARC for an honest review.

The Love Project by TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod

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