The Lure of White Oak Lake by Robin Alexander, narrated by Lori Prince

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The Lure of White Oak Lake by Robin Alexander

The Lure of White Oak Lake by Robin Alexander, narrated by Lori Prince

A sweet romance with eccentric characters

Robin Alexander is slowly but surely releasing her back catalogue in audio format, most of them with Lori Prince as narrator. Robin Alexander’s quirky sense of humour and Lori Prince’s comedic timing is a perfect match. So if you are looking for a sweet romance with eccentric characters, this is a great choice.


After Morgan Chassion loses her job and her girlfriend, she decides to move to the cabin she inherited in White Oak Lake, Lousianna. The town’s quirky inhabitants conspire to match her to the only lesbian in town, Jaclyn Wyatt. But Morgan is in town temporarily and isn’t interested in love, is she?

This is book one in the White Oak Series. I imagine that Ms. Alexander is planning to release book two, The Magic of White Oak Lake, in audio too. Book one is a typical Robin Alexander’s story with ridiculously funny situations. This author has a very distinct style so if you have read any of her books you know what type of story to expect.

Small towns are a great background for Ms. Alexander’s stories in which everyone is meddling in everyone else’s business. The cast of secondary characters is nuts and you should expect lots of absurd scenes. I personally thought that there were too many crazy situations but I’m not currently in the best mindset for this type of humour. The romance is sweet with very low angst. Having said that, Morgan is dealing with a lot of loss in her life and her journey of transformation is a good contrast to the humour-filled story.

Lori Prince did a great job with the narration, her comedy skills are absolutely brilliant but she also performs the emotional parts really well. If you are looking for a laugh-out-loud audiobook with a side of romance, this one is for you. 4 stars.

Length: 8 hrs and 32 mins

Available in Scribd

The Lure of White Oak Lake by Robin Alexander


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