The Proposal by TB Markinson

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The Proposal by TB Markinson

The Proposal by TB Markinson

A fun stroll through London, a new British-American romance novella

Another light and an entertaining novella by TB Markinson. Set in the same universe as The Setup and The Date, The Proposal shows once again what can happen when an American woman visits London. They are all individual stories that can be read as standalone.


Marley Royce works for a large publishing company that takes over small bookstores in financial trouble to incorporate them into their business. Her company sends her to London to negotiate the takeover of the Braithwaite bookstore. Being the bookworm that she is, she is a member of a virtual book club under the name of Carol. This is where she met Glory, with whom she has been in contact privately for several months and has developed more than just a book club friendship. As Glory lives in London, Marley doesn’t want to miss the chance to meet her but first, she has to get that bookstore deal done.

Cleo Braithwaite is anything but the fierce and frightening person her reputation suggests. Cleo is a charming and sunny person who doesn’t want to know anything about spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Numbers are Marley’s world, she feels safe there. As she is negotiating her first big deal, she knows that if she fails, she may be out of her job. When Cleo persuades her to go on a sightseeing tour of London, she knows she is in trouble. How on earth is she supposed to convince Cleo of the deal when strolling through London? Maybe in a pub? Drinking beer? Told from Marley’s point of view, find out for yourself if she can escape Cleo’s spell and if her date with Glory goes as planned?

This is an entertaining romance novella without much drama but with lovable characters. Go on a walk with them and see all the beautiful places London has to offer. I felt like I was following Cleo and Marley on their journey through the city. The story is perhaps a little predictable, but that didn’t bother me because it was funny and charming. The two women are, as always in TB Markinson’s stories, genuine and likable women who more or less have their lives together. Marley is perhaps a bit naive but her enthusiasm while sightseeing around London is infectious. Cleo, on the other hand, is smart, passionate and refreshing, a woman full of joie de vivre who knows London’s literary history like the back of her hand and is happy to tell it to anyone who will listen. It is a pleasure to accompany them both through London.

ARC provided by the author and in exchange for an honest review

The Proposal by TB Markinson

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