No discontent at all with this audiobook

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The Summer of our Discontent by Robin Alexander

No discontent at all with this audiobook

Review of The Summer of Our Discontent by Robin Alexander, Audiobook narrated by Lori Prince

This is one of my most anticipated audiobooks ever. I read most of Robin Alexander’s novels and The Summer of Our Discontent is my favourite of all. I was always hoping for an audiobook release and now that it’s out I was ecstatic with the choice of narrator.


Faith Leblanc and Rachel Chauvin have hated each other since childhood. Frequently playing practical jokes on each other, they never considered the possibility of a friendship, let alone something more. But that’s about to change when they are forced to share two weeks together as chaperones in a girls’ summer camp…

The Summer of Our Discontent is an enemies-to-lovers novel where nothing is taken too seriously. This book is filled with the typical Robin Alexander humour full of ridiculous situations, quirky characters and funny dialogues. Here is an example:

“My momma was on the phone with her friend Ms. Kim last night, and she said that Lottie Bishop kicked her in the crouch so many times that she didn’t know if she’d ever be able to take her vibrator for a test spin again.” Kaycee shrugged. “She only rides her bike and her car. I’ve never seen her ride a vibrator. We looked in the shed where she keeps her bike, but there’s only a lawnmower in there. Do you have one we can ride?”

I cannot explain why I love this book so much, I know I’m in the minority here as this is not everyone’s favourite but my guess is that I really love both main characters with their strengths and shortcomings. Behind their childish jokes and playful banter, they hide their real feelings. Seeing them interact together is like watching a child pulling another’s hair because they have a crush on them. I love how slowly but surely, Ms. Alexander peels the characters’ defensive layers to reveal their true selves. Together they have great chemistry in love and war.

I mentioned above the choice of narrator. Lori Prince has narrated a few of this author’s books and her comedic timing is a perfect match. The book is full of ridiculous situations and one-liner jokes which Ms. Prince delivers perfectly. Her narrating pace, her distinct voices and the performance of emotions are outstanding as usual. Her delivery was exactly what I was expecting and it didn’t disappoint. A really enjoyable and fun audiobook. 5 stars.

Length: 6 hours, 15 minutes

Available in Scribd

The Summer of our Discontent by Robin Alexander


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