The Wrong Date by Sienna Waters, narrated by Melissa Moran
The Wrong Date by Sienna Waters

The Wrong Date by Sienna Waters, narrated by Melissa Moran

Melissa Moran’s narration increased my enjoyment of the story

I’ve read a couple of books by this author and she delivers on the low angst department. I needed a “palate cleanser” after reading two emotional books so I was looking for a short romance to distract myself and came across this audiobook. The Wrong Date was the right choice after all.


Annie is a rich and successful software developer but when she’s invited to the ten-year anniversary reunion of her high school, she wants to skip it. Her best friend convinces her to hire an escort to attend instead. Annie chooses Robin who she imagines as a well-muscled and bookish man but instead, she’s curvaceous and a woman, Annie wants to call everything off but she clicks with Robin who puts her at ease so maybe they could go to the event together after all. But Annie wasn’t anticipating developing feelings for Robin…

The fake relationship trope is always a good source of entertainment as it’s fun to see how the characters connect despite their initial hesitation. Add some ingredients of opposites-attract romance and you have a very good story in the making. Both main characters couldn’t be more different if they tried, Annie has low self-esteem and is straight while Robin is a lesbian female escort confident and proud of her profession. The author builds their relationship on how they complement each other.

Despite their differences, both characters have to overcome personal hurdles and hangups before they feel ready to consolidate their relationship. For Annie, this is also a coming-out story in which she realises that her issues with previous relationships might have been rooted in her sexual preferences instead of her inability to find Mr. Right. I thought that their chemistry and the build-up to their romantic relationship could have been stronger but it was credible enough.

I’ve listened to a few audiobooks narrated by Melissa Moran and here, once again, did a very good job. Her narration increased my enjoyment of the story and made it more real. All in all, it is a good listen to spend a day or two. 4 stars.

Length: 5 hrs and 47 mins

Available in Scribd

The Wrong Date by Sienna WatersThe Wrong Date by Sienna Waters


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