A very good audiobook on long-distance relationships

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This Foreign Affair by Harper Bliss

A very good audiobook on long-distance relationships

Review of This Foreign Affair by Harper Bliss, Audiobook narrated by Angela Dawe

This is book 4 of the Pink Bean series by this author which are all connected but can be read as standalone as there aren’t many spoilers from other books. Most of the series (except for book 3) has been narrated by Angela Dawe, who made them incredibly exciting.


Aussie Television presenter Zoya Das is recovering from a nasty divorce when she meets Camille Rousseau, a French tourist visiting Australia. Sparks fly between them and, in the short time they share together, both women experience deep feelings for each other. But as they live thousands of miles apart, is their relationship doomed from the start?

I really enjoyed this book especially the way Ms. Bliss dealt with the long-distance relationship. A long time ago I personally experienced something similar to the characters’ story and I felt that this book exactly describes all the hurdles that people in that situation have to endure. The angst of the separation, the loneliness, the trepidation of time going by fast when being together and very slow whenever apart… Ms. Bliss handles all this very realistically.

Not only this book features mature characters (in around their 50s), but also an interracial couple which is not that common in lesfic. Ms. Bliss exploits very well the cultural and language differences and Angela Dawe makes Camille sound like the definition of French sensuality. I’m hardly an expert in the French language but Ms. Dawe makes it sound natural.

Both characters are really well fleshed out and, as usual in Harper Bliss’s stories, the chemistry is sizzling hot. This author is one of the best writers of sex scenes in lesfic and this book is no exception. There is also a coming out story that is handled really well.

Fans of the French Kissing series by this author will be happy to hear that Dominique and Steph make an appearance in this book. Additionally, Zoya and Camille story continues in French Kissing Season 4 so it’s better to read this one first.

I applaud Ms. Bliss’s decision to get Angela Dawe to narrate this book. As usual, Ms. Dawe does an amazing job. The challenge with this book, and the whole series, is the amount of different female characters, a problem that Ms. Dawe solves effortlessly. Everything in her narration is excellent, from the distinctive voices to the performance of different emotions. It’s a real treat to listen to. You can always start with this audiobook but I suggest starting with book 1 as they are all very enjoyable. 5 stars.

Length: 6 hrs and 32 mins

Available in Scribd

This Foreign Affair by Harper Bliss


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