A great conclusion to the Two Hearts Trilogy by Harper Bliss

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Two Hearts Trilogy by Harper Bliss

A great conclusion to the Two Hearts Trilogy by Harper Bliss

Review of ‘Two Hearts Forever’ by Harper Bliss

This is a great conclusion to the Two Hearts Trilogy by Harper Bliss, which gives a sense of closure to the story. Because the previous books end in cliffhangers and tell the story only partially, it was hard to tell what direction the plot was taking. ‘Two Hearts Forever’ is where the three parts make a whole.


The story is set in the fictional small town of Donovan Grove where Anna Gunn lives and works. Anna is a loner and her life is carefully planned in a strict routine which is challenged when Zoe Perez arrives from NYC to open a bookstore in town. Zoe is sociable, gorgeous and is determined to break down Anna’s carefully constructed walls. But soon she’ll discover that Anna is as appealing as complicated… After they decide to give dating a chance, they both soon discover that Anna’s neurological disorder and Zoe’s difficulties in dealing with it get in the way of their happily ever after.

This is book three and last of the ‘Two Hearts Trilogy’ by Harper Bliss which should be read in chronological order. Book one is ‘Two Hearts Alone‘, and book two is ‘Two Hearts Together‘. Don’t start with this one as you will miss major developments in the story because the author doesn’t do a recap, she just continues with the plot development. As a matter of fact, it looks like Ms. Bliss divided a long-ish book into three novellas which I’m not clear why. I recommend getting the complete trilogy and enjoying the book as a whole.

I’d say that this book is not the typical novel by this author if by typical you call sexy romances or erotica. This is similar to ‘At the Water’s Edge’, and Ms. Bliss calls this trilogy ‘its spiritual sequel’. In some parts, it’s not an easy read but it gives a good idea of the life challenges for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how hard it is also for people around them.

In the author’s notes, Ms. Bliss pours her heart out about the reasons why she wrote this book and how it was a cathartic experience and, at the same time, a catalyst for self-transformation. I won’t disclose much because it makes more sense to read the notes at the end of the book, where they are. But let me say that it made me see this author in a new light as well as people who are neurodiverse, especially those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

So now that the whole book is available, I’m happy to say that I enjoyed the journey taken by Zoe and Anna. The story is very well written, the characters very well researched and the plot flows seamlessly. Some parts aren’t easy to read and by no means, this is a sexy or fluffy romance but there is a lot of positive emotion and hopefulness which balances the more difficult parts. A great end to this trilogy. 5 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Two Hearts Trilogy by Harper BlissTwo Hearts Trilogy by Harper Bliss     Two Hearts Trilogy by Harper BlissTwo Hearts Trilogy by Harper Bliss     Two Hearts Trilogy by Harper BlissTwo Hearts Trilogy by Harper Bliss

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