Unconquerable Sun (The Sun Chronicles #1) by Kate Elliott, narrated by Natalie Naudus
Unconquerable Sun (The Sun Chronicles #1) by Kate Elliott

Unconquerable Sun (The Sun Chronicles #1) by Kate Elliott, narrated by Natalie Naudus

Fun and Fast-Paced Space Opera!

I listened again to the audiobook of Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott to prepare for the release of the sequel, Furious Heaven and I loved it just as much the second time around. The story is voiced by one of my favorite narrators Natalie Naudus and she does such a great job with this book’s very large cast.


Unconquerable Sun is a gender-swapped Alexander the Great in space where all of the important characters are strong and powerful queer women. Queer relationships are just normalized within the societal structure. The marriages within the ruling factions are constructed for political alliances and gender is not a factor. Princess Sun (the title character) has a relationship with a woman which she keeps secret only because she is not from the right political family and not because she is a woman.

We are introduced to a complex world that is full of interesting and formidable female characters, ruthless politics, and vast conspiracies. The opening chapters present us with a detailed view of this expansive universe and then we hit a turning point in the story and it just lifts off like a rocket.

It’s well-written, fast-paced, and tons of fun. The book’s part space opera, part military science fiction, full of political intrigue, non-stop action, and snappy dialogue. Natalie Naudus’s narration is excellent – all of the character voices are distinct and unique so even though there is a large cast of folks you can entirely distinguish between them by their voices.

Anyone who enjoys science fiction with powerful women, detailed political world-building, and an action-packed storyline would love this book. It’s the first one in a series and if you like it then the next volume Furious Heaven is even better!

5 stars

Unconquerable Sun (The Sun Chronicles #1) by Kate ElliottUnconquerable Sun (The Sun Chronicles #1) by Kate Elliott

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