With a Twist by Georgia Beers

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With a twist by Georgia Beers

With a Twist by Georgia Beers

An age-gap romance with a twist

Amelia Martini is struggling in her new life. Retired, divorced and dealing with the emotional upheaval that comes with perimenopause, Amelia’s self-esteem is so low even her cousins can’t lift her spirits. Her new business Dogz Rule is the one area in her life where she feels wanted and appreciated.


Kirby Dupree’s life is busy. Her painting business fills her days while softball and frisbee golf eat up her spare time. She loves her work, friends and after sports drinks at Martini’s bar. A new job painting several rooms in a mansion brings Kirby face to face with the hired dog and house sitter, Amelia.

This is an age-gap romance with a twist. The twist in my mind is the reluctance and pure denial Amelia has with the idea that someone in their thirties would be interested in her, a woman in her late forties dealing with all the changes menopause can bring. Kirby thinks Amelia is beautiful, worth knowing and valued as a friend and lover. Convincing Amelia might have been an alternate title for this novel.

Another theme underlying the moods and actions of these two women is loss. Both have suffered losses in their past, some more recent than others. Beers does a nice job of showing us how it’s possible to move past life events like divorce or the loss of a parent and choose to focus on the positives change can bring. Many readers may not be able to relate to the impact menopause has on your life and your self-esteem, but that loss of estrogen is a reality we all will face, sooner or later. Embrace the change for a chance at love.

As usual, the author surrounds Amelia and Kirby with loving friends and family to lean on and laugh with, bringing this trilogy to a satisfying end. The Martini cousins for the win.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A copy of this book was provided by Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley for review.

With a Twist by Georgia BeersWith a Twist by Georgia Beers

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