A really cute and enjoyable wlw Christmas romance novella

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A really cute and enjoyable wlw Christmas romance novella

Review of ‘Checking It Twice’ by Lucy Bexley

This was a really cute and enjoyable wlw Christmas romance novella. While I still have a few ARC’s that I need to read, I’m trying to fit in some holiday goodness before Christmas. When I saw Bexley had a new holiday novella out I knew this was a must-read for me. I loved her cute paranormal romance, ‘Just My Type’, which she wrote with Bryce Oakley so I had my fingers crossed for this one. I’m happy to say that this was a great little read too.


I really like how Bexley’s stories have this humor through them but that they are not over the top. It’s the kind that makes you feel warm and sticks a smile on your face. Bexley writes well and puts a surprising amount of depth into the characters, considering this is a novella. I was really impressed with how good even the secondary characters were and that Bexley had the time to make them feel so well-formed.

The romance is super sweet and I really liked the mains together. This is an opposites-attract and also an old high school crush storyline. I did think the L word came out a little fast but I completely believed that these two should be a couple and that they would be a long-term one.

What was also nice about this novella is that while it is a Christmas story, the story takes place at the wedding of the main character’s sister. So the story does feel more wedding and a little less Xmas. This would be a good holiday novella for people who might be overdosing on reading too many of them.

My only complaint is that I would have loved another chapter or two. I get this is a novella but it ended at the beginning of a scene that I thought was important to witness. The book did have a cute epilogue which helped, but I would have rather had that scene play out instead. So that’s why this is getting 4 stars on my novella scale and not 5 stars.

This novella is very easy to recommend to people looking for good holiday reads. Bexley really impressed me this year and I can’t wait to read even more by her. This novella is currently free on Kindle Unlimited.

wlw Christmas romancewlw Christmas romance


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