Another good wlw steampunk book by Nita Round

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wlw steampunk book

Another good wlw steampunk book by Nita Round

Review of ‘Fur and Fangs’ by Nita Round

This was another good wlw steampunk book by Round. Nita Round had such a great 2020 that I was happy to see another new book from her to start off 2021. Round seems to write pretty fast, which I’m glad about since I’m always in the mood for her books. This is the third book in her Evie Chester series. These books are very connected so if you are new to the series, I would highly recommend starting at book one, ‘Lost and Found’ first. These are fantasy steampunk books and they take place in the same world as her Towers of the Earth series. This is a spin-off series so if you like her Towers series I think chances are really high that you will enjoy these too.


This felt like an important book that was setting-up the series for many things to come. We learned secrets about both Evie and Hesta. Evie started on her journey to become Nurse Evie and new allies were made including one that was quite unexpected. This really was the book to bring a lot of things to light and to get the series ready for what is to come. While this book was a lot about learning answers, there still was some good excitement near the end that was entertaining to read about.

This series does have a romance developing, but it is very light. Both women are dealing with the new person they are becoming and what that means for their feelings. There are some cute kisses, and you know these women want to be with each other, but we have to read more to find out for sure what happens

While Nita Round is a published author, she started self-publishing in 2020 so all of her ‘Towers and Evie’ books are available on Kindle Unlimited. They really are KU gems and I’d go as far as to say that her Towers series is one of the better sapphic fantasy series available on Kindle Unlimited. If you are interested in a historical-fantasy feel filled with magic, demons, and supernatural creatures, give this series a chance.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

wlw steampunk bookwlw steampunk book

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