A good WLW traditional romance book

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WLW traditional romance book

A good WLW traditional romance book

Review of ‘A Love that Leads to Home’ by Ronica Black

This was a good WLW traditional romance book. I have been a fan of Ronica Black for a while. I like that her books tend to feel either a bit different than the norm or more intense. Unfortunately, the last couple of books of hers, that I’ve read, were just stuck in the okay category. I’m happy to say that this was much more like the Black that I remember and enjoy. This felt like her old school writing style that I appreciate and the book was a good read.


This is a slow-burn traditional romance. While there is a little family drama thrown in, this book is almost entirely about what the characters are feeling and the romance. Now I have to be honest that I’m not the biggest traditional romance fan. I prefer to have some other type of plot, included with the romance, not just the romance by itself. I have to admit that there were times when I was getting a little bored. Not saying that will happen to you, just that that is a personal me thing. I was hoping for more of the family drama, but instead, that was only little bits and pieces. Luckily, the romance was very good so I was still able to enjoy this read.

This book really is all about the romance. It is a slow, slow-burn, which was perfectly fine for me. I definitely yelled “finally” when there was actually progress, but because it was so slow, I actually believed in a possible HEA which is always important. I mentioned earlier that Black can be intense in her writing and she made this romance intense at times. There were certain times when the chemistry was boiling hot. I could tell I was blushing just from the dialogue between the characters that was so well done. The chemistry actually builds and builds as the book goes on and then the sex scenes were really well written too -which is not a surprise coming from Black.

This is going to be a shorter review for me since there is not that much to discuss in this book besides the romance. I will say that I think fans of Black will be very happy with this one. I would also recommend this to fans of traditional romance. I do wish there was a little more story plot for my personal tastes, but the romance was very satisfying so I can’t really complain. 3.50 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

WLW traditional romance bookWLW traditional romance book

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