Great end of this action-packed series
You, Me and The Sunken Treasure by Georgette Kaplan

Great end of this action-packed series

Review of You, Me and The Sunken Treasure by Georgette Kaplan, audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

This is audiobook three and the final in the Cushing-Nevada Chronicles series all narrated by Abby Craden. These books should be read/listen to in chronological order. Book 2 finishes in a cliffhanger and book 3 picks up where the previous one left without much explanation so I wouldn’t recommend starting here. All the books are very entertaining so it’s not bad to start from the beginning.


The story arc follows the adventures of archaeologist Dr. Candice Cushing and maverick treasure hunter Easy Nevada. In this installment, Easy is left to die in the desert and Candice is kidnapped by Easy’s boss. Will Easy be able to survive the desert and rescue Candice?

As with the rest of the series, this book is centered on breakneck speed action. Easy Nevada is a bit of a cross between Indiana Jane and Lara Croft. She’s an expert in firearms and combat as much as she masters snarky comments, political incorrectness and one-line jokes. Dr. Candice Cushing is her opposite as an intellectual, play by the rules archeologist. However, opposites attract and throughout the series Easy slowly seduces Candice while Candice starts to break down Easy’s protective walls and reveals her secrets. They have great chemistry together. Don’t expect much in terms of romance but there’s lots of banter, witty dialogues and sarcastic comments. It’s very entertaining.

Abby Craden narrates the whole series which was a smart choice as nobody likes a change of voice from one book to the other. I was pleasantly surprised by her comedic timing as I usually listen to her interpreting drama or romance. I absolutely loved her performance of Easy Nevada with all her banter, bad jokes and offensive language. This series has a lot of different male voices but Ms. Craden performed them all very well. If you are looking for an audiobook full of action and entertainment, this series is for you. 4.5 stars.

Length: 5 hrs and 47 mins

The whole series is available on Scribd.

You Me and The Sunken Treasure by Georgette Kaplan


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