The Weight of the Stars by K. Ancrum

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The Weight of the Stars by K. Ancrum

If you are looking for a fantastic young adult book look no further

Damn this book! Such a good read but it completely wrecked me. I’m emotionally and physically exhausted but in a good way. I wanted to end the year by reading a few books that have been on my to-read list all year long and I’m so glad I picked this one because this book was excellent. Ancrum writes really well and I was completely sucked into the book. I read past 3 am and had to keep going until the end, I could not put this down.


It’s interesting that the older I’m getting the more I appreciate young adults books. I never used to be a YA fan but maybe I like reliving the good parts of high school. Actually, what I think it is is that good YA can really make you feel and I love good books that do that. This book is the perfect example of that and it was crazy emotional. My eyes are so red from crying that people are actually asking me if I’m okay. I went through half a box of tissues but I loved every second of this.

This is actually a slight enemies-to-lovers (and I mean that in YA terms) romance. The romance is really slow-burn and I loved how the characters’ relationship progressed as the book went on. It is a YA rated romance but I absolutely believed in them as a possible couple and I was rooting hard for them.

I was also really impressed by the characters themselves. There is a great cast of characters all around with everyone being well imagined and important to the story in their own right. Ryann who really is the star of the book is fantastic and the kind of kid you would want to be friends with if you time-traveled back to high school. Ancrum has a very strong YA voice and I was really impressed.

This ended up being one of the better books I read all year. I had my fingers crossed but I didn’t expect to be this moved, this emotional, and connected to the characters. I hope Ancrum will write another wlw story again because I would read it in a heartbeat. This book is so easy to recommend. If you are looking for a fantastic young adult book look no further, this is the book for you. 5 stars.

young adult bookyoung adult book

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