Good debut lesbian crime novel with a romance

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A Far Better Thing by JD Wilburn

Good debut lesbian crime novel with a romance

Review of A Far Better Thing by JD Wilburn

For a debut novel, this is a pretty good whodunit. When it comes to drugs, Detective Bo Alexander can’t take a joke. She’s learned from her past and is doing everything she can to keep drugs off Galveston Island, at least as much as possible. The arrival of Cass Halliburton, vice president of the Voleurs, a feared and criminal motorcycle gang catches Bo’s attention. It looks like the Voleurs are looking to expand their business here. The Narcotics Division has heard rumors of drug activity through their undercover agents. But when Bo gets a tip about trafficking women, everything changes.


Cass and Bo are like fire and water, on opposite sides of the law, and really, the two have no chance of being more than enemies, do they? But what happens when the lines aren’t so clear after all? And the attraction becomes stronger and stronger? Is everything really always black and white between a cop and a criminal? It’s exciting to see the two try to get along, even help each other, while the chemistry between them gets hotter every time they see each other. What should they do? What can they do?

What I liked best was the mystery/thriller part. Who plays what role in the whole convoluted case, who should Bo believe, and what should she do with this angry and infuriating woman who follows her into her dreams? From the first meeting there was a lot of sexual tension, at first it was just lust, but when feelings came into play the rules changed and it was exciting to learn how the two main characters dealt with their growing attraction despite having little chance to move their relationship forward.

Bo and Cass are not my favorite couple in the lesbian romance world, but they have a certain appeal to me. I didn’t always agree with their actions, especially in regards to casual sex with other women when the power balance wasn’t even.

This book ends in a cliffhanger, which hopefully means there will be a continuation of the story. And I hope so too, I really want to know if what I think is true. If not it would suck. Overall, an exciting story, with some bumps, but still very entertaining. An enemies-to-lovers story in a double sense, as being on opposite sides of the law and having conflicting personalities.

My rating 3.5 stars.
Thanks to Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley for providing an ARC for an honest review

A Far Better Thing by JD WilburnA Far Better Thing by JD Wilburn

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